My Liebe Germany – 8 Reasons to Visit

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Living in Germany, with a population of some 80 million people, means living in one of Europe’s most populous countries; a cosmopolitan place of diversity and modernity. As a result of different regional earldoms and monarchies throughout Germany’s history, each city has its own unique personality and character. This makes the country as a whole a fascinating place to live in or just visit. Our relocation to Germany didn’t bring many surprises to me as I’ve been visiting this country since I was a child. My husbands enthusiasm as a first timer, on the other hand, inspired me to write this post. Being temporarily relocated to this beautiful country, we both enjoy our time here living a life between locals and tourists!

Our neighborhood in Hamburg suburbs

There are numerous reasons to visit Germany, although reasons are not always necessary to my opinion, but 8 are the ones you need…

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