Hi, I’m Taylor. Welcome 🙂

Most of what you’ll find here is just what goes on in my life.

A little about me:

I’m 26, living on my own, doing my own thing. I love Christ more than anything. I have a BA in psychology and working on a Graduate degree. I work doing what I enjoy (most days). I have a cat named Tigger. I live in Alabama, formerly lived in Florida, and was born in Kentucky. Most people say I’m sassy and some of my friends call me the ‘sass queen.’ If you were to ask me for real, for real… I’m very quiet and like to be by myself most of the time. I enjoy people and I enjoy life, but I’d prefer my quiet space when I can get it.

I read a lot. Got that from my mother. Cooking is a passion of mine. I invest my time in the things I like and the people I love. You’ll usually find me sitting at a coffee shop reading or drinking coffee. Oh yeah, I forgot… I’m also a coffee addict. (Took me a while to acknowledge this)

So this is me. Nice to meet you.